BF Podcast Ep. 5: The Foot is a Microcosm with G8 Performance CEO David Lee

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In Episode 5, I connected with CEO and founder of G8 Performance, David Lee.  While there is, of course, some inherent bias as I need to mention that BikeFit is the North American distributor of G8 insoles, the conversation with David is not a sales pitch but rather an exploration of the often ignored and overlooked extremity of the body: the feet.

David transitioned from an investment banker to a member of an elite special forces unit in the US Army to the eventual company owner and relentless advocate for the promotion of foot health.  He focuses on on the foot as a microcosm of its own rather than the belief that the “foot is just a lever.”

We discuss the dangers of current footwear, how they significantly impact and injure the feet, the brain’s connection to the feet, and the imperative need to promote movement and blood flow within the foot during any type of athletic activity.

The Dive: Ep. 5 Topics:

  • Foot movement during force expulsion
  • How the use of modern running and cycling shoes affects nerve receptions and muscle atrophy
  • The Golden Ratio 1:1.618 as seen in the pyramids and the Mona Lisa.
  • Cycling shoes are worse than running shoes
  • The foot as a lever vs. its own piece of complicated machinery
  • Calf and Achilles issues in cycling
  • The foot is an ecosystem–an ant mound.
  • The foot has the highest concentration of nerve endings in the body
  • Comparing insole types
  • Foot function and movement in the shoe
  • Rehabilitation possibilities of an insole
  • G8 benefits
  • The connection, or lack there of, with brain to foot based on insole
  • Foot correction affects other parts of the kinetic chain
  • The lifecycle of an insole
  • Benefits of a flexible orthotic
  • Bike fitting and injury prevention should start with the foot

David references a number of scholarly articles in the podcast.  Please see the links below for more information:

David Lee’s approach to the health of feet is simple: to reduce injury and increase athletic performance for everyone, whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone who simply likes to go for a social walk or a bike ride.

David has long understood what it means to have issues with foot pain, numbness, calf cramping, and shin splints, suffering from these since he was a teenager. These issues were exacerbated for him during his time as a soldier in the US Army from 2003, where he worked and trained with US Elite Special Forces, and throughout six deployments, where the pressure and stress on his feet and legs were unparalleled. 

After leaving the army and returning to Australia, David sought solutions to his foot issues, at one time importing an adjustable orthotic device from the United States. This had its limitations, so he ultimately decided to develop his own product – and from there, G8 Performance was born.

David has been active within the performance orthotic industry since 2010, owning G8 Performance since 2012. Unlike other insole and orthotic solutions which merely provide a “band-aid” approach to foot issues, David’s business seeks to actively address the core problems which cause pain in the feet and which can be referred into the legs, ankles, knees and even the hips. He also wants to change the way the industry approaches feet – both in the cycling and sporting arena, as well as in everyday life.

David’s vision for the future is to bring “podiatry to the people” via outlets that prescribe customized foot solutions and which consider the function of the foot within a shoe – regardless of whether it is a cycling shoe, an athletic shoe, or even everyday footwear. With improved dynamic foot health, athletic performance is enhanced and injuries are reduced.


Contact David

G8 Performance


BF Podcast Ep. 3: Paul’s Corner–Saddle Height and Saddle Selection

Part 3 and the final part of our series on saddle height in bike fitting continues with an interview with the founder of BikeFit, Paul Swift. We refer to these regular episodes as “Paul’s Corner” where he not only weighs in on our previous podcast topics but expounds upon what he perceives in the world of cycling and specifically with bike fitting.  

Today’s riveting topics cover the following:

  • The range of saddle height and the variables that affect it.
  • Challenges to setting up proper saddle height.
  • Rider variability
  • The art and science of bike fitting
  • “T-r-i” which is the same as “try” but we were thinking of our triathletes
  • The Saddle Changer’s impact in finding the right saddle.
  • Saddle discomfort
  • Saddle shape and selection
  • Sit bone measurement
  • The BiSaddle
  • and much more…

Paul Swift is an 8-Time US National Track Cycling Champion and a gold medalist at the 1998 Goodwill Games.  After retiring from competitive cycling, Paul founded BikeFit and Bikefit Education to share his passion for cycling. Paul is a Master Bike Fitting Technician, a certified USCF sport coach, and a former member of the USA Cycling Board of Directors. Paul specializes in training bike fitters to correctly deliver comfortable and consistent fits to any type of rider.

Paul is a product designer or creator of the following:

He has trained over 1000 bike fitters and cyclists around the world.  Currently Paul’s Level 1 BikeFit Pro training course is taught in over 12 different counties and in 6 languages.  He is also the co-author of the BikeFit Foot/Pedal Interface manual When the Foot Meets the Pedal…

He continues to innovate in the bike fitting and cycling world with revolutionary ideas and products.  

If you have questions for Paul or interested in taking one of his courses, please contact him via e-mail: [email protected]

BikeFit Education

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