How do I Find BikeFit Product Instructions?

bikefit product instructions

Are you looking for BikeFit Product Instructions?

Did you happen to lose them or would you like to find out how to best use our products?

Often, our customers search for the instructions for our products if they happened to misplace them or are looking for more information.  If you purchased Look Cleat Wedges, you’re in luck because the instructions are already printed on the package!

If you are looking for instructions for any other products, go to the specific BikeFit product page.  For example, let’s say that we are looking for the instructions for Hex+ 20mm Pedal Spacers.  Navigate to the Hex+ page (use the link in the last sentence) on the BikeFit website:

bikefit product instructions pedal spacer page

 Scroll down to the bottom of the “description” of the product.

bikefit product instructions

Many of our products will also contain an “info” link as well to provide you with detailed product information, uses, application and how it can help you.  If you are unable to find more information, feel free to see our other blog posts or contact us!

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