Pedal extenders (also know as pedal spacers) are used by thousands of cyclists throughout the world to optimize alignment, reduce pain, and increase efficiency.  Yet, not all of these are created equal.  Some companies choose to construct their pedal extenders out of sub-par material. As a result, they may wear significantly, corrode, or force you to buy another pair over the life of your bicycle.

Why Stainless Steel?

BikeFit Pedal Extenders are made of 100% stainless steel due to not only its strength but also its resistance to corrosion.  Over time, pedals, shoes, extenders, and your bike will encounter water, debris, ice, snow, road salt (if you don’t have this then other riders envy you), grass, mud, occasional squirrels, and many other riveting road elements.  These road irritants (with potentially the exception of squirrels) are abrasive to non-stainless steel pedal extenders.  See the black-colored knock-off shown to the right.  Since most pedal extenders are utilized for the life of a bicycle, you need an extender that is corrosion resistant and functions well from the first use to the last.

BikeFit Extender                     Chrome-Moly Knock-Off

In addition to corrosion resistance, a stainless steel extender will structurally and physically survive the massive miles you accumulate. A century ride (100 miles) contains about 20,000 to 24,000 pedal strokes per leg.  If you plan on training for a century this year, think about the number of miles that you’ll likely travel.  If you complete 20,000 pedal strokes per 100 miles and you ride 5,000 miles per year, that’s a total of 1 million strokes per leg, per year!  Therefore, you need an extender that can handle not only the road conditions but also the general wear and tear of daily use.

Good to the Last Revolution

Other companies use aluminum (malleable) or chrome-moly which corrodes and shows wear over time.  While our extenders will likely cost more, if you want your comfort-inducing investment to last physically and aesthetically, choose the extender that looks great from the first pedal stroke to the millionth.

-The BikeFit Team and Paul Swift, CEO CyclePoint

Pedal Extenders

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