Find the Perfect Saddle in Seconds

Your time is priceless

You have a selection of test saddles in your shop.

The informed customer wants to try 5 of them.

How much time will it take for you to install, adjust, and have the customer test each one?

What if there was an easier way that requires 5-10 seconds and absolutely no tools?

The answer is the Saddle Changer.

Rapidly change saddles without tools

Saddle Changer Features
Saddle Changer

Single Arm Design

Provides rapid and secure lock on standard two-rail saddle designs.  Quick action lever fits most sizing bikes.

Tilt Adjustment

Adjust tilt +/- 5 degrees in seconds with the cyclidrical control.

Variable-Width Rails

Accommodates a variety of seat posts including indoor bikes.

Keep it protected

Our beautiful custom Saddle Changer case is included with your purchase.
We doubled our saddle sales the first year after we purchased the Saddle Changer.
Mike Rabas

Fitter, Woodinville Bicycle

If you don’t have a saddle changer, you are a fool, my friend.
Dan Empfield

CEO, Slowtwitch

The Saddle Changer helps me help my clients compare and contrast saddle options and positioning in a way that measurably adds value to my fitting business. It is fast and effective, but also surprisingly fun for the client. I also use it as a stand-alone service that sells a lot of saddles, and minimizes the chance of saddles needing to be returned.
Kurt Rosenquist

Fitter, FitWorks Cycling

Ten-Point COULDN’T operate their F.I.S.T. bike fitting service without the Saddle Changer.  It is genius and has paid for itself over and over again. The customers can’t believe how quick it is to swap saddles out, easily remembering how the previous saddle felt in comparison, instead of ‘umming and ahhing’! They also love the fact that once they’ve ‘found’ the saddle they like best, they can then fine-tune the angle of the saddle to perfect comfort.
Helen Hall

Fitter, 10-Point Bike Fitting

Save Time. Sell More Saddles.

Only $395

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