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Increase Performance, Prevent Injury

Performance Without Compromise

The G8 Performance 2620 Orthotic Insole contains advanced, highly flexible material that delivers comprehensive toe and arch support, passively strengthens the arch, and enables the foot to better flex and pronate for increased comfort.  Its highly customizable arch piece(5 heights for each foot) increases comfort and accommodates changes in foot strength and flexibility.

Increase Performance

Reduce Joint Pain

Eliminate Numbness

Increase Stability


ArchTech® Suspension System

Each G8 orthotic insole comes with 5 different size orthotic arches for both the left and right foot.  This suits feet of all shapes, sizes, and levels of strength and flexibility.  The flexible arch piece supports the foot throughout the entire range of motion in the gait cycle, flexing to suit the load before springing back into action.

  • Designed to fit behind the 1st and 2nd Metatarsal heads.
  • Fill the “gap” between the underside of the forward arch and the bottom of the shoe.
  • Allows the foot to flex and pronate; working in symmetry with the entire kinetic chain.
  • Flexes appropriately to the amount of force applied.
  • Passively strengths the arch over time.

Fully Customizable

Traditional custom insoles fix the foot in one position only, which limits foot function.  G8 2620 orthotic insoles are a dynamic device that work with the natural mechanics of your foot. They can be customized by swapping in the multiple arch pieces and arranging them to the position of optimal comfort.

  • 11 possible positions per arch piece per foot (3025 possible combinations).
  • Orthotic arch pieces are designed to sit as close to the metatarsal head as is comfortable.
  • Arch pieces can be adjusted to accommodate changes in foot strength/flexibility.
  • Choose different height and position for the left and right foot

Superior Ventilation

2620s were specifically designed for the active lifestyle.  Sweat and heat built up around the foot and without proper ventilation, this creates an uncomfortable experience and also wreaks havoc on your insoles and shoes.

  • Strategically positioned air channels on the efficiently expel stale air on the down stroke.
  • Forefoot ventilation holes dramatically increase air flow.

Intuitive Comfort

Most shoe insoles are flimsy and not build specifically with your unique foot architecture in mind.  Consequently, many cyclists experience numb toes and feet.  The 2620 orthotic insole’s strategically placed, inbuilt met pad is designed to support the transverse arch and eliminate nerve pain.

  • Designed to gently lift and spread the 1st and 2nd met heads.
  • Relieves nerve pain and foot numbness.
  • Helps straighten and align toes.
  • Add-on, higher met pads will be available soon.

Heel Cup

Engineered to securely fit into cycling shoes with firm platforms.  The heel cup provides a solid base for superior push off.  Heel Plate (wedge) integration is seamless.

Heel Plates

Purposely integrated into the heel cup of the 2620 Orthotic Insoles, the heel plates (wedges) help correct minor heel pronation and supination alignment.

  • 1 Kit contains 6 x reversible varus / valgus (outward / inward ) wedges in three heights (1.5mm, 3mm, and 4.5mm).
  • Augments the natural outside / inside roll (pronation) of the foot without creating imbalances in ankles, knees or hips.
  • Correct lateral forefoot imbalances (toes don’t point in a straight line to where you are going).
  • Incrementally increases force transfer.
  • Sold separately from the 2620 insole–Heel Plate size must match insole size.


G8 Performance Orthotic Insoles are the only insoles specifically engineered to support movement in the shoe.  While most insoles are static, the G8’s customizable orthotic arch piece flexes dynamically with your foot providing a rebound effect that increases comfort and helps you unleash your full potential. Wearing G8 orthotic insoles, you’ll perform better and you’ll feel better doing it.
  • Maximize splaying and flexion of the forefoot
  • Support the arches, maintaining optimal bone structure
  • Increase foot blood flow
  • Reawaken nerve receptors for increased proprioception (subconscious awareness of the body and its movement and positioning through the feet)
  • Reduced Pain
  • Increase force out of the bottom of the foot
  • Increase strength and flexibility of the foot over time
  • Decrease the return of force up the leg.
  • Enhanced balance and stability

PRoduct overview

G8 2620 Pro Series Orthotic Insoles: Performance without compromise


  • Thin and lightweight
  • Fully customizable with 5 arch heights and 11 possible arch positions
  • Narrow heel cup provides a solid base for superior power transfer
  • Inbuilt metatarsal pad
  • Chambers for air flow


  • Increase foot flexion
  • Increase blood flow in the foot
  • Reduce foot numbness and pain
  • Provides power transfer over a greater surface area
  • Supports the arches, maintaining optimal bone structure
  • Enhanced Balance and Stability
  • Increase strength and flexibility of the foot over time


Size and Weight

G8 insole weight spec


G8 Insoles thickness



G8 2620 SIZING

Use the video to select the correct size G8


Find the right size arch height to start with when fitting your new G8 insoles

customer experiences

Optimized Support

“My feet were not only more comfortable with the G8’s but my pedal stroke improved as my knees tracked smoother than ever before.”

Declan von Dietze — Record Holder of the Munda Biddi 1100km trail

Active Without Pain

“When I discovered G8 Insoles, my active life changed and I am now back able to enjoy participation in sports and activities which would previously have caused me issues. I wear the Pro Series 2620 for all sporting activities.”

-Simon H.

Customize for You

“I love the adjustability of the G8s! Being able to change the arch supports for each foot makes a big difference.”

-Scott B.

G8 2620 Orthotic Insoles

The most comfortable ride on the planet
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