Ep. 16 BiSaddle EXT BikeFit Edition

In working closely with the manufacturers at BiSaddle, our newest version has increased the durability of the flex base which provides vibration absorption and increases rigidity.  Adjustment bolts are now equipped with metal washers to create a stronger hold and the updated design of the hard inner now eliminates nose rubbing. Take a look at the new and improved BiSaddle EXT BikeFit Edition available now in cro-mo and carbon rails.

Online Bike Fitting

Online or virtual Bike Fitting is not a new concept in the scope of bike fitting but certainly considering the current state where many are confined at home due to stay-at-home or lockdown orders, most in-person fitting is not functional. As a result, more fitters offer a virtual or online fitting service. In Ep. 16, I interviewed 4 different bike fitters to glean their diverse opinions. Two of them currently offer the service and the other two expressed concerns about the practice. Between the 4 interviews today, you’ll acquire a quality sample of the current pros and cons of this topic.

Please note that in this as well as our other episodes, the views and opinions of our guests do not necessarily reflect those of the company BikeFit.

Episode 16 Guests

Dan Smith – UK Bike Fit

Dan has 6 years of experience specializing in biomechanics. After working with teams across multiple sports including rugby, athletics, football, swimming, and triathlon, Dan has a strong background of biomechanical analysis and injury prevention that he applies to Cycling Analysis and Bike Fitting.

 Jason Barcoff – Piermont Bicycle Connection and Bespoke Bike and Ski

Jason has over 25 years of experience in both the cycling and ski industry. He has an additional 20 plus years in critical care medical transport, and Functional Movement Screening. He brings a holistic multi-disciplined approach to creating improved comfort and performance. The mobile Fit-Lab provides comprehensive bike fitting using established protocols from F.I.S.T and BikeFit.

Frederick Ilagan – Forward Motion Performance

Frederick has 7 years of experience fitting a multitude of riders.  He’s studied under multiple bike fitting programs around the world including, BikeFit, Retul, Gebiomized, Steve Hogg and more.  He currently runs an independent fitting business in the Philippines.

 Dr. Brian Adams, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS. Adams Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy

Dr. Adams is an elite-level cyclist with more than two decades of experience racing, wrenching, and fitting.  By merging his knowledge of sports and physical therapy, Brian has come to occupy a unique space in the PT field. He offers bike fitting, shoe/pedal assessment, performance testing, blood lactate tests, and coaching services to bikers and other endurance athletes looking to take their performance to the next level. He also creates custom foot orthotics for athletes that optimize their performance and decrease their risk for injury due to poor biomechanics.

1 Comment

  1. Jennifer MacPherson

    Thank you Damon for addressing such a timely issue. It was good to hear the different perspectives and thanks to all those professionals for giving their opinions about online bike fitting.

    Our physiotherapy practice is offering virtual consults for our patients to support their ongoing care plan. As a bike fitter, I have also been asked for help in this area. Many people are spending more time on their trainers and bikes right now and have the time to consider a bike fit.

    A virtual consult does not take the place of a proper physiotherapy assessment or hands on bike fit: e.g., feeling the amount of float on either side of the cleat while the client is clipped in. Online bike fitting does allow us to connect with our clients and give broad stroke advice about position. Folks appreciate knowing they can ask a question or have us help trouble shoot an issue. That alone gives this type of service value.

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