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The most comprehensive training available for bike fit professionals.
Take Fitting to the Next LevelTraining Dates

“To improve at something, one needs to practice. Therefore, to be a better bike fitter, one needs to do more bike fits.”

Paul Swift, BikeFit Founder, CyclePoint CEO

The BikeFit Manual “When the Foot Meets the Pedal” is the foundation for every good bicycle fit.

BikeFit: The Foot/Pedal Interface

Join Paul Swift, Owner of BikeFit LLC, and Dr. Katrina Vogel, MS DPT, Director of BikeFit Clinical Education, to increase your knowledge and skills regarding bike fitting. This fabulous new tool works in conjunction with the BikeFit Manual for a complete, easy to understand, step-by-step process.

Accreditation available for clinicians and healthcare professionals. Hosted by MedBridge Education.

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