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Bicycle Stance Width: Origins, Examples, and Solutions

Mysteriously unpopular compared to q factor, bicycle stance width is a pivotal aspect of rider comfort and is arguably as important as finding the right size bicycle. Our blog article today aims to explain the factors involved, when to make changes, solutions, and our thoughts from years of bike fitting experience.

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BikeFit Distribution in Argentina

Kirkland, WA—March 25, 2019—BikeFit is proud to announce our partnership with SUD Outdoors to distribute BikeFit products in Argentina. SUD Outdoors is a rapidly growing, multi-faceted company that also will distribute Respirfix and Elit Bicycles.  They represent and...

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Cleat Wedges in the Tour de France

Mark Cavendish is well known in the cycling world for being one of the greatest sprinters and arguably one of the best cyclists of all time.  With 48 grand tour victories, 30 in the Tour de France alone, and winning the 2011 Road World Championship, his accolades are...

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Mounting the Saddle Changer

You may already know that BikeFit sells the most amazing saddle fitting and sales tool on the planet.  Yet, many potential customers ask us the same thing, where do I mount the Saddle Changer in order to get the most out of it? How do I use this fit-changing tool for both bike fitting and for individual saddle fittings?

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Look / Shimano 2-Degree Cleat Wedges

At BikeFit, we're always searching for avenues to increase efficiency.  In this case, we listened to the myriad of Bike Fitters who inquired on whether we could create a 2-Degree Cleat Wedge.  Lining up wedges and installing screws increases in difficulty as you...

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Why Do I Need Cleat Wedges?

One of the most important and overlooked aspects in bike fittings is the tilt and angle of the forefoot. Studies show that 96% of all cyclists are misaligned in their connection to the bicycle, decreasing comfort and efficiency.

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Look Keo Pedal Wear

The equipment of the cyclist often tells a story. You can acquire valuable information from looking at the components. However, expensive hardware and software will not find it–you must use your eyes! The popular Look Keo pedal is one of the easier pedals to discover uneven wear as the result of a common misalignment. Sometimes this wear can show up in just a few minutes of pedaling.

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