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Standard Features and Subscription Features

All initial purchases of the BikeFit App have an active trial subscription free for 3 months. When you log in for the first time via the app, you are placed on an e-mail list to inform you about the subscription.  Please see the information below to learn more about the subscription vs. standard features.  To purchase either our monthly or yearly subscription, see the links below.

Standard Features

Text Notations


Saddle Fore/Aft

Cleat Fore/Aft

Cleat Medial/Lateral (Stance Width)

Foot Tilt

Foot Pressure

Bike Measurement Chart

Subscription Features

All of the Standard Features

Pre-Fit questionnaire: send your cyclist a link to an online questionnaire to fill out ahead of your scheduled bike fit session.  Simply input your email address into this URL and send it off:[email protected]

All of your fit profiles will be saved for future reference.

The app will generate a post-fit report that you can email or save for future reference.

I have purchased and used the BikeFit App, and without question it is the single most important tool you can purchase.  It makes a drawer full of other tools oblsolete.  I highly recommend it, as there really is no substitute for motion capture, and removing the human “interpretation” of what the fitter thinks they see with their eye, vs. what the rider is actually doing while pedalling on video.

Max McAllister

President, Traxxion Dynamics, Inc.


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