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Account Setup – Login

We apologize for the confusion with the account setup/login.  We recently had to change our login process due to Apple’s parameters.  Consequently, we are sending out the login procedure manually via email after you contact us.  We are working to resolve this as soon as possible.  In the meantime, please use the following link with a desktop or laptop to create an account: 

Create BikeFit App Account

Once you create the account (you’ll likely see a screen with some odd characters—don’t worry, it worked).  Now try logging into the app with the new account you created.   

Thank you for your patience as we update the app.  


Welcome to our BikeFit Pro App resource page.  Here you will find a plethora of resources devoted to the ins and outs of our BikeFit Pro App!  Our guide is broken down into 3 sections:


Welcome to the BikeFit Pro App for iPad/iPhone instructions.  With your purchase, you also have 3 month’s access to several additional features included with our subscription.

Here is a step-by-step description of a basic fit scenario where both the standard features (available forever with initial purchase) and the subscription features (free for 3 months) can be utilized (find out more about standard vs. subscription features):

Prior to the Fit


1.) Client schedules a fit.  You receive their contact information, including an e-mail address.

2.) E-mail the pre-fit intake form to the client

a.) From the BikeFit App homepage select “SEND E-MAIL

b.) Or you may copy and paste your unique URL when you send the client a confirmation or reminder email:[email protected]

*Fill in your e-mail address in the area where it says “[email protected]

c.) If you are having problems with e-mail, please make sure that your e-mail is properly setup on your iPad or iPhone.  iPad/iPhone e-mail setup.

3.) The cyclist fills out the form prior to your fit session (hopefully).  Below is an image of what they will receive.

a.) The client’s information appears in the app under the “CLIENTS” button.

4.) At the appointment, open the BikeFit App and load the client information from the “CLIENTS” button on the home screen.

a.) All of the information they filled out will be in the “Basic Info” button.

Completing the Fit: Tools

Welcome Screen

Get acquainted with our main screen.  This will lead you to all of the main tools of the app.

Fitting Tools

From the BikeFit App “Clients” screen or after choosing “New Fit,” select “Fitting Tools.”  Tap on “Tap to Add Note” on either the left or right side.  Now you have access to all of the tools!

Text Note

Add notation of any kind.  Clients will not see the information you place in this section unless you physically show them on the app.


Record your 5-second video (tap the RED record button near the bottom), there are light arrows mid-screen on each side to allow you to move your video image by image until the cyclist’s body is in your desired position; then choose the goniometer you need (leg, shoulder or hip). Use one, two or all three on one image.

Only the first and last images saved will be available in the fit report.

Saddle Fore/Aft

Record your video, use the right or left arrows to move the cyclist’s leg into the desired position and then position the spindle line using the large red dot.

Only the first and last images will be available in the fit report.

Cleat Fore/Aft

Place your finger on the screen to position the spindle location between the 1st and 5th met heads.

Cleat Medial/Lateral (Stance Width)

Record your video (tap the RED record button and hold the iPad steady for recording) and THEN adjust your laser line after the video is recorded using the large red dot; mark the knee at the top of the pedal stroke with your finger- there are light arrows mid-screen on each side to allow you to move your video image by image; again, you can move your “laser line” (toe line) into place by touching the large red dot.  

Only the first and last video will be available in the fit report.

Foot Tilt

Take a snap shot of the foot (button on the top right), with the red vertical line going up the center of the leg; now move the forefoot tool to be in-line (or parallel) with the forefoot (the arrows on the left adjust the tool up/down and the arrows on the right adjust for tilt).  The degrees of tilt appear on the upper left (varus/valgus).  And near the bottom left, you will see a recommendation for how many cleat wedges to start with.

Foot Pressure 

Allows the client to choose from 4 images that depict normal foot pressure areas.


Saved Files

With an active account subscription, your fit files are auto-saved.

This saves your bike fit information and notes to your account online as you conduct a fit.  Any changes are automatically saved (you must have access to the internet for this functionality to work).

Final Fit Report


From the main client screen, select “view report” to preview the final fit report before sending it to the client.





Make any changes before you choose to e-mail the final report to clients.



Select “EMAIL REPORT” to send an email with a link to the report.  You can edit this email as you see fit. 

  • This is a printable version of the fit info if the client would like a hard copy.
  • You may want to save this unique URL for future reference as well.
  • For this function to work, you must have e-mail enabled on your iPad.
  • You can edit this before you send it to the client.




Tutorial Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

I've logged in before but forgot my password. How do I reset?

Please contact [email protected] and ask for a password reset.

My fitting report only shows 2 videos on each side but I took more. Why can't I see them all in the report?
In order to not confuse clients, we choose to only have the first and last video of each tool (both left and right side) visible in the report to assure that the final product is concise and understandable.  All of your videos are still available via your “fitting tools” section.
Can I customize the final report?
Unfortunately, not at this time.
Why am I unable to save fits?

1.) Your subscription may have ended.  You need to “log in” to save fits.  If you are unsure if your subscription ended, please contact us.

2.) You must have an internet connection in order to log into the app.  The app uses cloud features and the only way to access saved clients is via a wifi or data connection.

I'm attempting use the "Send E-mail" link and it's not working.

Make sure you setup your e-mail through your iPad or iPhone first before using the BikeFit app.  Setup iPad/iPhone E-mail.

**Also check your internet connection.

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