Bulk pricing available to retailers/bike shops and other qualified professional partner/dealers

Kirkland, WA—February 19, 2019—BikeFit, which offers an array of products and tools that enhance the cycling experience and optimize performance, has signed an exclusive a deal to distribute the G8 Performance 2620 Pro Series Orthotic Insoles in North America. The G8 is available now for direct purchase at bikefit.com, with bulk pricing options for retailers, bike shops and other qualified professional partner/dealers.

The G8 Performance 2620 Orthotic Insole contains advanced, highly flexible material, delivering comprehensive toe and arch support that passively strengthens the arch and enables the foot to better flex and pronate for increased comfort. Its highly customizable arch piece(5 heights included for each foot) augments comfort and accommodates changes in foot strength and flexibility.

“BikeFit and G8 share a common vision to reduce injury and increase athletic performance. They are a fantastic partner, highly respected by the cycling and bike fitting community worldwide,” said G8 Performance founder David Lee.

“We sell the best bike fitting products in Cleat Wedges, Leg Length Shims, and Pedal Extenders but we needed to provide cyclists with arch support as well,” commented BikeFit operations manager Damon Wyatt.  “G8 Insoles deliver exceptional comfort and adjustability which aligns perfectly with our goals.”

Learn more about the G8 2620 Orthotic Insole.


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  1. Jenner

    I love these G8’s. Hands down best orthotic for any cycling shoe. When you first open the box, you may think, what? these things are going to fit in my skinny carbon cycling shoes. YES, YES they will and your feet, ankles, knees, hips and back will thank you. After a little altering you are good to ride. Bikefit.com now carries them AND the updated version is even better than the original. Follow the instructions for positioning the plastic inserts and your fit continues to get better and better. I use them on my Specialized S Works carbon road shoe which I use for winter riding, my Shimano S-Phyre carbon road shoe, and a beater pair of mountain biking shoes. Love them. Thank you Bikefit for carrying this exceptional product.


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