Free Foot Fit Calculator App for Android

Get the Free BikeFit Foot Fit Calculator for Android and discover foot tilt.  Make cycling more enjoyable!

BikeFit Pro Fitter’s App for iPad/iPhone

Take fitting to the next level with affordable motion capture technology.

BikeFit Education Online–The Foot/Pedal Interface

This entry-level course covers the foundational foot-pedal connection, taught by industry leaders Paul Swift and Dr. Katrina Vogel.

Customize Your Fit

The Foot Fit Calculator helps you discover how to customize the fit of your bicycle shoes to your pedals.  The BikeFit application walks you through the process of figuring out the ideal pedal to foot connection angle and then recommends a solution to optimize your foot fit.  You will need a friend to help you take the pictures, and the application will do the rest.

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BikeFit Pro iPad App

Only $19.99 on iTunes (price varies by country)
The ultimate fitting tool for the professional bike fitter.
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BikeFit Education Online

Become a professional bike fitter with our online course.  Self-paced training will guide you through the foundation of bike fitting: the foot/pedal interface.  While designed to provide clinicians and healthcare professionals the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills regarding bike fitting with specific emphasis on the importance of the Foot-Pedal Interface, it provides valuable information no matter your fitting service career path. This is your chance to grasp the assessment of normal and pathological cycling mechanics, including functional differential diagnosis in an easy to learn format.



I did my first fitting of the new year yesterday and after taking your on-line class, I would like to say that I did some wedging and it helped the client to become more symmetrical!  Previously, the client’s feet were falling asleep after a few miles of riding.  Wedging reduced a high-pressure area and evened out his pedal stroke.



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