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Most cycling shoes are designed to work with clipless pedals and feature holes drilled in the soles for attaching cleats. The bicycle cleats engage with the pedals to create a secure connection. Cleats are supplied with your pedals, and they should match the type of cycling shoes, whether road-specific or off-road/multi-use-specific.


Click on the image below depicting your cleat style.

bicycle cleats spd wedge
bicycle cleats look wedge
bicycle cleats speedplay wedge

2-Hole or SPD System

The 2-hole system is commonly known as the SPD system (SPD = Shimano ® Pedaling Dynamics). The 2-hole system can be used for all types of riding, including road cycling, mountain biking, touring and commuting. When paired with some shoes, the recessed cleat design allows easier walking. Most off-road racing, where a mud-shedding cleat design offers an advantage, is where a small two-hole cleat is popular.  There is a road specific version known as “SPD-SL” (3-hole bolt pattern).

MTB/SPD Cleat Wedges

3-Hole or Look System

Look Cleat Wedge

The 3-hole system is also known as the Look-style system (for the pioneering manufacturer/brand, Look Cycles). The 3-hole system is most often used for road cycling because it offers a stable platform for energy transfer while riding. The soles of many performance oriented shoes are often made more for riding than walking with stiff soles and little tread.  The larger cleat design incorporates a three-fastener connection, which is much more secure connection than with two fasteners like the ones found with the 2-hole type. Popular brand names of 3-hole bicycle cleats are Look ®, Shimano SL, Time ® Road and others.  Due to the popularity of Shimano cleats, we refer to these wedges as Look/Shimano.

Look/Shimano Cleat Wedges

4-Hole or Speedplay System

Cleat Wedges

The 4-hole system is associated with the Speedplay® pedal/brand.  Speedplay design has the clasping mechanism on the cleat, rather than on the pedal, like with SPD and Look systems.  In this system, the shoes are made more for riding than walking.  The system with a four-fastener connection, generally offers more adjustability options in the foot/pedal connection, often making it a favorite of bike fitters.  We offer these in both the Walkable™ style (shown below) and regular road cleat style.

Speedplay Cleat WedgesSpeedplay Walkable™ Cleat Wedges

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