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Ep. 6 What is Bike Fitting? A fitting conference within a conference at the Philadephia Bike Expo.

In Ep. 6, I was invited by renowned bike fitter Happy Freedman from the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City to join a talk with a group of fitters from around the country where he attempted to answer the question, “What is bike fitting?” In our conversation, some of the visiting fitters from New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Tennesee, Kansas received the opportunity to share their thoughts and ask Happy questions about fit. He describes the current state of bike fitting, where he feels the focus should be, and the future of fitting.

The episode occurred in a large atrium of the Pennsylvania Convention Center at the Philadelphia Bike Expo.  It’s wonderful to see that the expo is supporting bike fitting through a few symposiums and also Happy requesting fitters around the country to help cyclists enjoy their ride more and meet their goals through bike fitting.

Happy provides some incredible insights into bike fitting from the wealth of knowledge he’s gained through over 40 years of experience.

The dive in Ep.6 by topic:

  • The definition of fitting
  • Bike Fitting as a real estate grab
  • Creating a history and definition of fitting prior to the point where a national certification exists
  • How to serve all communities with different types of fits
  • Teaching the skills of recognizing one’s own body in space and it’s application to bike fitting
  • Mobile
  • The rider as a the dynamic source in the fitting
  • Fitting for a cockpit or range vs. a single spot on the bike
  • The goal of bike fitting: efficiency vs. watts
  • How cyclist history influences fitting
  • The role of airflow (elasticity of intercostals)
  • Aero vs. breathing
  • The future of bike fitting
  • The big picture: rider’s needs vs. bike needs
  • Fitting for an injury
  • Fitters can’t fix everything–referrals
  • Size Cycles in fitting
  • Coaching requirements vs. fitting requirements
  • A millimeter does not make that much of a difference

Fitter’s who asked questions or commented in the episode:

Happy Freedman is passionate about bicycling and creating a synergy between the cycling and medical communities, advancing the science and art of bike fit, to help riders of all abilities to achieve their performance goals. He has been instrumental in developing the first multi-disciplinary, hospital-based, state-of-the-art bike fitting program of its kind here at Hospital for Special Surgery, where he has worked in a range of capacities for over ten years. He works in close cooperation with physical therapists and investigators in the motion lab, and the new bike fit program will advance performance, clinical bike fit evaluations, and research.

Happy has presented on bike fitting at the International Cycle Fit Symposium in London and numerous events throughout the US. He is a founding faculty member of the Medicine of Cycling Conference held annually at USA Cycling in Colorado Springs, where he presents both on bike fitting and on medical emergencies in cycling. He is on the advisory committee of IBFI, the International Bike Fit Institute, and was formerly faculty at the Bike Fit school, established by Ben Serotta. He is an experienced cycling coach, including over ten years for the Columbia University D1 Cycling Team, as well as having been a certified coach and official for the United States Cycling Federation.

Happy focuses on fitting the cyclist, not the bike, to address the individual needs of the rider, and collaborates with staff in Performance Services to develop an evidence-based protocol for bike fitting.

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