London - Kit presents at the International CycleFit Symposium - ICS

by Paul Swift 16. February 2012 13:01

Katrina (Kit) Vogel MS, DPT along with a host of other international speakers presented at the first annual ICS   on January 25 & 26. This event was hosted by Phil and Julian of CycleFit UK.


Here is a brief introduction about her topic.

Pelvic Asymmetry & Lower Extremity Biomechanics of Cycling

Katrina Z. Vogel, MS. DPT

Why should we care about pelvic mechanics related to cycling? We care because the pelvis is the crossroads for all movement and (with the feet) drives the mechanics of the lower extremities. However, almost NO literature exists related to the pelvis and its effects on the biomechanics of cycling. A common pattern presents in up to 80% of all cyclists yet this pattern has been largely ignored in the world of bike fitting. Why does it happen and what can you do about it? The key for bike fitters is to focus on the connection points (feet, pelvis, hands).

To see a video excerpt from her actual lecture in London click here

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Kit graduated with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of Southern California in 2002 and received her Masters of Science from Western Washington University in Human Movement and Performance with a specialization in Biomechanics. Kit can be found in the clinic at Eastside Sports and Rehabilitation Clinicsin Kirkland, WA where even a local cyclist can seek her out for a bike fit. The number is 425-576-8180.

Speaking of local, on January 16, Eastside Sports and Rehabilitation Clinics played host to a select group of friends and associates for a preview of Kit’s presentation at ICS. Here is a photo from that evening.


Kit burst onto the worldwide scene of cycling biomechanics in 2007 and 2008 at the SICI International Cycling Science Symposiums.  Velonews (Now called  Velo) labeled Kit as being one of the "rock stars of cycling science" per Velonews (2007).

On behalf of Kit we would like to thank everyone that contributed to the research for her presentation and we will blog more about this in the near future. However, I would like to mention one person in particular, Richard Jackson of The Jackson Clinics.  I love one of his quotes: “asymmetry is the rule.”