BikeFit Pro Education Exclusively Provided by Pedal Jam

BikeFit, the worldwide leader in bicycle fitting products, now offers BikeFit Pro education exclusively through Pedal Jam.

Pedal Jam

Although closely tied with Pedal Jam, BikeFit no longer provides education. We now focus more on products and product development.  In addition to our amazing line of bike fitting products, we recently developed a Walkable Screw Kit, updates and changes to our iPad/iPhone Fitter App, and currently an all new consumer app.  The new app will help cyclists identify foot tilt, decipher the number of wedges they may need, and connect them to local BikeFit Pros and dealers.  As a result, consumers will now have the opportunity to learn about fitting and connect with professional fitters!

What is Pedal Jam?

Paul Swift, founder and CEO of PedalJam, created the company prior to BikeFit, but it primarily functioned as a product design company.  Many of those designs include BikeFit products.  PedalJam now organizes, conducts, and operates all BikeFit Pro training.  Recent and upcoming trainings include, California, Georgia, Washington, Oregon, Texas and Canada!  If you would like to find out more, CLICK HERE!

We are excited for what these changes mean for the future of BikeFit and Pedal Jam!  With our companies combined, we can do more for numerous cyclists! Our goals are similar: aid cyclists in reducing pain, increasing power and efficiency, and obtaining the most out of their riding.  We hope you look forward to the future of bike fitting!