FLASH! New York, Here we come...

by Brian Vander Stoep 8. December 2011 15:40

That's right.  The schedule is set.  We will be returning to Mike Fraysse's Sports Resort - May 5-6, 2012

Deposits are being accepted now.  Don't wait!  2011 rates will remain with your deposit if we receive it before January 15, 2012.


Email education@bikefit.com to secure your spot now.

The new BikeFit.com is LIVE!

by Kent 15. July 2011 15:00

I’m super happy to announce that our new web site, affectionately known around here as “BikeFit.com 2.0”,  is now up-and-running.   BikeFit.com can now truly be said to be important for everyone using it.

For our retail customers, the new site offers more tips and tricks, the ability to securely1 pay with a credit card,New Website partial screen capture easily share/Tweet/Like most everything on the site, save a product in your own personal wish list, and last but certainly not least, enter a zip/postal code in the Dealer Locator to find a local BikeFit Pro for bike fitting or a BikeFit Dealer where you can buy products.

For BikeFit Pros, the Dealer Locator2 should generate more business.  Just as important, one of the biggest requests we’ve received has finally been addressed—your web site account3 will let you place an order and pay the prices you’d only previously received if you called or emailed us, you can see all our bike fitting products which cannot be seen by retail customers (or people not logged in), know in real time what shipping will cost, and check out with credit card.  Best of all, you can order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We’ll continue to both capture and expand our fitting knowledge base and make it available exclusively to you on the site.

For BikeFit Dealers, such as Bike Shops, the site gives you all of the benefits of BikeFit Pros except it should increase your in-store traffic.  Those shops that have purchased SwitchIt™ will also be listed as having the tool.  Based on our experience with three local bike shops we are highly confident that it will drive people looking for saddles into your shop.  One of the local shops, BikeSport, in the short time they’ve had it already had a customer sing its praises.

For Distributors, the site will let you pay our pre-agreed upon prices and round-the-clock ordering.   If there are other ways in which it could be more useful please let us know.  

We know our job is not finished (it never is on the web).  In fact, the journey has just begun.  We already have plans to continue improving the site.  To put a stake in the ground, search today only returns results for products.  We want to expand that so it also serves up results from non-product pages such as BikeFit Education, this blog, etc.  When the technology exists (for our platform) we want to make the Dealer Locator more granular so that BikeFit Pros and Dealers who aren't’ one and the same are listed separately.

As always, your feedback is welcomed.  I’m going to send email to many of our partners on Monday with further details about the Dealer Locator, ordering, etc.  In the mean time, please take the time to register now so you’re all set up the next time you need to place an order.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to John at Blue 33.   John was the man behind the curtain, writing code, integrating modules, standing up this blog, and generally classing up the site with some serious expertise.  The site wouldn’t be what it is today without his help.   Thanks again John!

1We do not store nor do we see any of your credit card information.  It is securely processed by one of the merchant services giants.  All transactions, registrations and logins are done via SSL.   If it matters to you (and it should given the problems with credit cards being stolen), we are also PCI compliant.  

2In order for the Dealer Locator to work to your benefit  it’s super important that your listing have 1) a zip/postal code (where applicable) and 2) an email address.  Without the former no one will find you.  While you’ll be in the list below the map unless your brand is super strong based on the research I’ve seen you won’t be found.

3To insure you are registered as a BikeFit Partner please go here and follow the steps. 

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Fall 2011 Clinical Education Dates

by Brian Vander Stoep 14. July 2011 11:25

At long last...

Saturday/Sunday, November 12-13, 2011 (Level 1)

Saturday/Sunday, December 3-4, 2011 (Level 1)

Please call (425) 821-7237 Ext. 6 for further information...

To see the other Education Classes coming go here

The New Bikefit.com

by Kent 24. June 2011 17:10

Obviously you’ve found our new blog.  Welcome!  image

You may have noticed in the upper left hand corner a link to BikeFit Home which takes you to the new version of our web site.  Note: The new web site is currently in “beta” which is a testing phase (warts and all).   The bottom line: set your expectations accordingly. 

We’re working long hours to have the site “live” in the next couple of weeks (barring any unforeseen issue) but for now, simply browse, enjoy, send us feedback but please don’t attempt to purchase anything (it won’t work).