More BikeFit Education Dates

by Paul Swift 1. April 2014 11:52

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA – April 25-26 (BikeFit Pro Green Level 1)


BikeFit Pro Instructor Andrew Weber will be leading this class. To see more on Andrew have a look at his website here

KIRKLAND, WA May 3-4 – (Clinical BikeFit Pro Green Level 1)


Clinical BikeFit Pro Instructor Dan Druckhammer PT will be leading this class. Dan works for MTI Physical Therapy in Kirkland, WA.

MIAMI, FL – May 29, 2014 (Special one day course)


BikeFit in conjunction with the World Spinning and Sport Conference (WSSC), is offering the best education deal ever. The total of products alone included with the course fee is more than the course itself.

To sign up to today here is your link.
WSSC is one of the coolest events of the year. Remember bike fitting is the same for indoor and outdoor cyclists. Think about it. Even if you cycle outdoors your bike fit is conducted indoors. You do not need to register for the entire WSSC event but we strongly encourage you to check it out. At WSSC they have a great time unequaled by most cycling events around the world.
For more on WSSC click here

Instructors in Miami will be Paul Swift, Andrew Weber and Alfonzo Lopez of

CINCINNATI, OHIO - June 4-5, 2014 (BikeFit Pro Green Level 1)


Big Daddy Riley will be leading this class, You can check out his FB page here

For information e-mail us at and as always check out our Facebook page to see up-to-the-minute information from

Here is our page

BikeFit ad in the neighborhood

by Paul Swift 30. March 2012 11:32


Some of you may have noticed our ad in VeloNews recently. We are also working with our local BikeFit Pros here in Washington. Look for this ad in the April issue of the Cascade Bicycle Club’s newsletter, the  Cascade Courier.  We will be revealing who will be listed in the May and June issues soon.


Remember if you have a big ride coming up and you need a bike fit do not wait until the last minute. A new bike fit may require some time to get used to and if you need a tweak you will want to make sure your fitter has time to fit you into the schedule. Every  year we  receive at least one call the day before Seattle-To-Portland (STP) from someone looking to get a last minute bike fit.  So if you are planning to do the event and have not registered click here.To get going on your bike fit here is a link to each of the BikeFit Pros in this month’s advertisement.

PT Voree Smith

Scott Kowal of Bikesport (and they have a SwitchIt)

PT Kit Vogel


Wishing Everyone A Happy Holiday Season From BikeFit!

by Paul Swift 28. December 2011 12:42

Thanks to everyone for making it another great year for BikeFit. More and more people are happier on their bike which is our ultimate goal. This does not happen without effort from all of you.


We look for 2012 to be a SUPER year with new products, some added twists and curves to the existing line-up, along with a new alliance.

The year will be starting fast from get go. Our first BikeFit Pro classis January 8-9th at BikeFit Headquarters.

I will be working at FIST teaching BikeFit Education on the Foot/Pedal Interface January 18 in Valerymo, CA at SlowTwitch. This will be the most important day in-between the Tri and Road Sizing classes. Road Sizing is new for Dan Empfield and SlowTwitch in 2012.

If you are in the Southeast come meet us in South Carolina January 19th working with one of our new domestic distributors Hawley USA.

Katrina “Kit” Vogel MS DPT will be presenting in London this January 25th & 26th at the International Cyclefit Symposium. A preview to London will be available here in Kirkland, WA the week prior and open to a limited number of guests.

Look for our new ads in the Cascade Courier (already in print) featuring the SwitchIt and the local shops using it to sell the most comfortable saddle for you and in Velo (formerly Velonews) for a few issues featuring some of our esteemed BikeFit Pros across the country.

And that is just some of the things going on in January 2012.


Lastly, BIG changes to our education format here at BikeFit Headquarters. At long last, we’ll be offering monthly Foot/Pedal Clinics followed by an optional day of complete bike fittings. Good news for aspiring fitters- rates are going DOWN. Check it out: See our Class Schedule.

The Most Comfortable Bike Seat

by Paul Swift 23. July 2011 01:30

The most comfortable bike seat for you is finally becoming a reality. A great seat exists for all of us. Unfortunately, most of us never find the right bike seat and therefore have no idea how good cycling can feel.

Why? Time and effort.

Tomorrow time and effort will no longer be a barrier to finding your best bike seat.

Why? SwitchIt is here!  


Fall 2011 Clinical Education Dates

by Brian Vander Stoep 14. July 2011 11:25

At long last...

Saturday/Sunday, November 12-13, 2011 (Level 1)

Saturday/Sunday, December 3-4, 2011 (Level 1)

Please call (425) 821-7237 Ext. 6 for further information...

To see the other Education Classes coming go here