BikeFit wishes everyone a great Holiday Season!

by Paul Swift 21. December 2012 14:12




The end of 2012 is almost here. Not sure about you but I am looking forward to 2013. This year was a tough year for some in cycling but we are glad to make it beyond the Mayan Prophecies.  None the less there was growth and we appreciate the continued support as we move forward.

 We are proud our on-line education which is now up and running. It may be the first of its type with video side-by-side lecture presentation including interactive learning assessments.  The on-line course was a collaboration with a new company called MedBridge Education.

 We tested the waters with a couple other ideas. We launched our first national ad campaign with many of our BikeFit Pros. Some other things we tried did not quite get finished before the end of 2012 but that means we should be bringing some new stuff SOON. None of this interrupted our tried and true core products and education.

 We welcome many new BikeFit Pros and a couple new International Distributors.

 2013 is looking to start off with a high cadence. This year I will be presenting at the International CycleFit Symposium in January. Last year Katrina Vogel MS DPT presented taking on the controversial topic of pelvis asymmetry. I believe the topic to be less controversial now and accepted as reality. Most pelvises do rotate slightly to the left. My topic will be “Foot-Pedal Interface & a Little Pelvis.” A short historical perspective of the Foot-Pedal interface and the effects of saddle changes for cyclists.

 London will be immediately followed by a Foot-Pedal course at SlowTwitch ( F.I.S.T.) the last week of January. This will be the most important day in-between the Tri and Road Sizing classes. Road Sizing is new in its 2nd year for Dan Empfield and SlowTwitch.  

Thanks to everyone for making it another great year for BikeFit. More and more people are happier on their bike which is our ultimate goal. This does not happen without effort from all of you.

Happy Pedals



by Brian Vander Stoep 10. December 2012 16:12

February 16-17, 2013 - BikeFit Pro Level 1

March 2-3, 2013 - CLINICAL BikeFit Pro Level 1


More info can be found HERE


Wondering what we'll be doing in January?


Please email if you would like to register for a course or if you have question about our training.

BikeFit’s Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Blog

by Paul Swift 20. October 2012 16:09

In case you didn’t notice we have a new Facebook page.


We also have a YouTube page.


Here is our Twitter page.


You are already here at the blog so thanks for reading.


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IMPORTANT Leg Length Shim Safety

by Paul Swift 10. October 2012 18:24

Just the other day I was in a local shop and the bike fitter asked me why BikeFit’s leg length shims (LLS’s) are longer than others and stick out in front of the cleat.


I am still surprised to hear this question.   On the other hand, it shows we still have a very important job to do. In short the answer is this- if you do not extend the LLS out in front of the cleat you will eventually experience issues trying to clip into your pedal. It is not a matter of WILL it happen, but rather, WHEN it will happen.

The fitter looked at me in amazement and told me that 3 times during his morning ride he had engagement issues with the foot that had only a 3mm LLS.

Generally this does not happen with one or two millimeters of LLS. It starts to occur more often around 3mm. Once you increase the lift/shim height beyond 3mm this issue will occur more frequently. For some that may think this does not occur I send caution to you. I have been using a LLS on one of my cleats since 1982. Even with toe clips and straps, we needed to extend the shim in front of the cleat. Some of my earlier versions of LLS’s worked well and others did not. It was over several years of trial and error that it became apparent the front of the LLS must to be sticking out in front of the cleat.



Some of you may have noticed a few more companies are offering Leg Length Shims. We have been doing this a long time. We would like to help you avoid issues that WILL happen if you are not careful.

SPECIAL!!! All bike fitters that place a single order for $100 or more between now and November 1st use this coupon code for ONE FREE LEG LENGTH SHIM. Remember you must place the desired type of single shim in your basket and then apply this code:  extendthefront

BikeFit Pros: please e-mail for your 5 pack LL shim special with an order over $100.

BikeFit Pro is our new distributor for Canada

by Paul Swift 12. September 2012 14:22

Dave Howells, BikeFit Pro Instructor, in front of his booth at the VeloSpoke Bike Expo for Granfondo Whistler in BC this past weekend.

Here is a photo just before the convention opened. Notice the SwitchIt mounted on a stationary bike and  the new patented handlebar clamp with a set of road bars attached. Dave is also showing Superfeet which we are now distributing domestically (see us next week at Interbike Booth #3092 for more Superfeet info and specials).


Dave owns BC Bikefit in North Vancouver BC – Canada. BC Bikefit’s distribution company Big Country Trading also just became our new distributor for Canada.  So for all of our friends north of the border this is your new contact for BikeFit Pro Education and product ordering. Some of you may have already noticed orders that have been shipping from his facility. Soon you will order direct from Big Country. We will be providing more details soon or come see Dave at Interbike in the BikeFit booth #3092 next week in Vegas.